F-Wheels v Hoverboard Tech – Who will Skateboard to Success?

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Innovation has no bounds. What we see and experience today is getting replaced by something new the next day. While the world is yet to enjoy flying above the ground on an automated hover board, the latest rage of the one-wheel hover board is basking in its limelight. This one-wheeler wonder is surely going to make you regret if you just purchased an older version of a skateboard. While maintaining the balance of the hoverboard just on one wheel seems exhilarating, the super cool look of this transportation and sporting wonder is attracting skateboarders like honeybees.

Robert Bigler, an expert in design and manufacture of smart motors and other automation and robotic mechanical systems, designed this one-wheel wonder soon after the sale of his older venture, Animatics. Bigler filed a patent US 9211470 that was granted in a record two years. He put his invention to practice by floating his new entrepreneurial venture, Hoverboard Technologies.



Balance it with music

The hoverboard comes with a smart motor and sensors placed in the front and rear portion to control the board’s velocity. These sensors are designed to measure the distance between the ground and the board and apply appropriate force to accelerate or decelerate. For instance, if a user leans forward, the distance between the board and the ground decreases at the front end thereby accelerating. Hence, the user needs to balance the wheel by providing uniform forward and backward leans to control the hover board. Turns can be negotiated by tilting or twisting at the waist in the desired direction. The hoverboard can go up to speeds of 16mph and can go to distances of 12 miles on one full charge. All it takes is 16 minutes of change time.

Source: http://oakvillerepaircentre.com/hoverboard-smart-balance-wheel/img/oakville-riding-hoverboard.jpg

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The hoverboard is also equipped with Bluetooth-enabled built-in speakers for entertainment on the go. The board is also compatible with a mobile app and can be used for charging smartphones.

A Chinese firm F-Wheel is manufacturing a hoverboard with a similar prototype as Bigler’s. In fact, while F-Wheel has appreciated Bigler’s invention, it’s own product costs much lesser than the $4000 skateboard of Hoverboard Technologies. Will Hoverboard Technologies gain an edge with its IP or will F-Wheels grab market attention with its pricing – this is something to wait and watch.

(Featured image source: https://media.giphy.com/media/3o85xL7du3E5Zfh7IQ/giphy.gif)

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