FPGA: Your Hypercomputer Password

The Cisco Global Cloud Index has predicted a three-fold increase in data center traffic by 2019. In addition, the world is likely to witness processing of about 86% of workload at cloud data centers, while the remaining 14% will be processed at traditional data centers. The ever increasing demand from individuals and enterprises has evolved the need of hyperscale infrastructure. Hyperscale datacenters will be of state-of-the-art quality with an ability to adapt to ever fluctuating internet demand. The Read more [...]
Vidya Meshram
Vidya Meshram

Vidya likes to imagine possibilities. She strongly believes that every small quanta of contribution from people has made the world a better place, and that patents are valued treasures that keep these contributions eternal. Inquisitive about technology, she is biased towards the world of semiconductor physics and photonics.

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