From Smart Phones to Smart Homes

Stepping into a cool and comfortable home with a cup of freshly brewed coffee waiting to be served after a hectic day at work is nothing less than luxury in today’s fast paced world. And for this to happen, you don’t need to be Richie Rich or have a butler, but a smartphone and a smart home. Welcome to the world of Smart Homes Next generation technology is poised for a more ambitious phase and the concept of smart homes is the most innovative in the league. It works like an internet of Read more [...]
Kumkum Jain
Kumkum Jain

Kumkum is an expert in patent searching & analytics, who loves to explore Medicinal Chemistry, Pharma and Medical Devices. She also shares a different kind of chemistry with reading and cooking. Most important, she plays her part in reducing carbon footprint in her own small way.

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