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Mobile phone covers are no more the fancy dressing they used to be. These are now ubiquitous objects that are subject to thorough R&D to improve their features such as safety and durability, especially if they can protect the phone during a fall. From safety to make utility easier for the user, mobile cases are playing an important part.

The mobile case with Airbags

Philip Frenzel, a German engineering student, invented a mobile airbag case which can prevent the phone from damage when it falls. The case is outfitted with sensors that can detect when the gadget is in free fall. These sensors dispatch four metal springs that cushion the fall and decrease potential harm to the mobile phone. The metal springs can collapse into the case, prepared to act whenever the gadget is dropped. This invention has been registered for a patent. An illustration of how this works is shown can be seen in the given image.

The Noise Canceling mobile case

The Hibiki phone case, which is designed by a Japanese brand +Simplism is made from a wooden material and intends to enhance sound-based features of a mobile phone. The material claims to cancel radio waves and other surrounding commotion from cell phone associations, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Additionally, it also is believed to diminish vibration by using three control points that are used to conceal it within the case. This enhances the sound playback of the mobile phone.

An independent inventor Kwang J. Oh has filed a patent US 8412289 B2 in this domain depicting a cell phone case used to amplify sound. A vibrating membrane is attached to the cell phone case. Higher pitched frequencies of sound are reverse engineered and de-pressed to create a lower pitched frequency sound, thus creating a better listening experience.

Figure 1: The figure from the patent US 8412289 B2 shows an expendable and collapsible sound amplifying mobile phone case

Apple’s patent application US 20120177239 A1 discloses a mobile phone case, which enables noise reduction during a call by canceling background noises picked up from the microphone. There is a windscreen attached to the opening of the case to serve the purpose.

Figure 2: The figure from patent application US 20120177239 A1 shows a removable case with a windscreen for a mobile device

The truly modular smartphone case

NexPaq (Moduware), offers a modular cell phone case which consists of various modules to enhance a phone’s functionality! While a smartphone offers 12 modules, the phone case has 6 slots on which the modules can be attached. This means a user must choose to attach necessary modules according to the requirement at that moment. These modules include battery power, amplified loudspeaker, backup memory, LED flash, temperature and humidity measurement, breath analyzer, night vision cameras, and blood-glucose meter modules. All these modules can be attached to the phone without shutting it down.

The patent US 9544005 B2 by the inventor Wei Lin L describes a modular/adaptable mobile phone cases, which offers a number of modules and functions. The case comprises a rotatable stand, removable storage compartment, charging module, connection port, and various other modules. The case offers ease of battery charging and storage of cards, photographs etc. It offers flexible mounting options.

Figure 3: The image from the patent US 9544005 B2 shows an adaptable mobile phone case

Further, patent application US 20130052871 A1 describes a charging cell-phone case. It speaks of a mobile phone case containing a segment to accept an electrical wire that can fit a charging bit of a mobile phone/PDA. The case consists of hardware to change over the information AC capacity to the coveted DC yield. This allows a user to not carry an additional charger or battery backup and have a built-in battery backup in the phone case.

Figure 4: The figure from US 20130052871 A1 illustrating a mobile phone case used to charge a phone

Additionally, there are few published and pending patent applications that describe mobile cases upgraded with certain incredible features to provide innovative solutions to customer’s needs. Popular ones are US 20160013829 A1 and WO 2015127429 A1 which describe cell phone cases with digital picture display and Electronic cigarette charging systems integrated.

Figure 5: The image from the patent application shows a mobile phone case having a digital picture display US 20160013829 A1

Figure 6: The image from the patent application WO 2015127429 A1 shows an electronic cigarette charging and holding a mobile phone case











Worldwide mobile phone cases and covers are sorted based on material, item composite, dissemination channel, and geology. However, the growth and utility of these cases have been increasing over the past few years with the increased concern for the safety of mobile phones. As covers become more than just a wrap but begin to integrate with enhancing the features of a smartphone, it’s a technology revolution that we can’t wait for any longer to enter the mainstream.

Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/mobile-phone-case-accessories-2562341/

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