Goal Control Throws Football Challenge at Hawk Eye

FIFA has resisted the introduction of goal-line technology for some years as the board felt it was not good for the game. However, a series of goal line incidents has urged the association to revisit the issue. Since the many controversial decisions at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, including the famous denial of Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany, FIFA has decided to introduce computerized aid for officials amending the laws of the game. In a two-part series, our blogger walks you through some interesting Read more [...]
Gadi Pavan
Gadi Pavan

There’s some connect that Pavan has with “tele”. He is flabberghasted by what’s ‘tele’cast on ‘tele’vision, believes ‘tele’pathy keeps him bound to friends and ‘tele’porting is a philosophy that grabs his attention. In the melee of this ‘tele’, he blogs about sporty technologies.

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