Google Promises Needle-Free Blood Tests For Diabetics

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Non-invasive medicare is gaining momentum, and Google is making large strides towards this new era of healthcare. If the news of Google Lens to test blood sugar levels through tears was any comfort for diabetics, then here’s another for those who need to undergo regular blood tests.

Google recently filed a patent application that describes a technology to draw small amounts of blood without a needle prick. Google’s US patent application 20150342509 suggests a not-so-far-into-the-future method of drawing blood using a wrist-strapped device. Designed to look like a wrist watch, the device is expected to gush gas into a barrel that releases micro particles that pierce the skin. The empty barrel creates a reverse pressure that draws blood into it, suggesting a nearly painless procedure.

What does it mean for diabetics?

Given the International Diabetes Federation statistics, there are 387 million diabetics across the world. The Western Pacific region has the largest incidence of 138 million diabetics, followed by 75 million is South East Asia. At least 39 million people in Northern America are affected by diabetes mellitus, of which 29 million alone live in the United States.

While Google has always been wary of its patented technology, often stating it may or may not make it to the market as usable products, this non-invasive blood drawing technology can be a source of huge relief for a majority of this 387 million people who need to undergo blood sugar level testing on a regular basis.

This said, if this Google patent application is granted and if the company converts the technology into a salable product, blood sugar level monitor manufacturers may be able to incorporate the technology and provide nearly painless tests for diabetics and integrate it with smartphones to transmit data real time, aiding in better remote healthcare.

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Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha
Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha

Dr. Nalini is a Pharmaceutical patent expert and has extensive experience as a technical and Intellectual Property Specialist in Generic Pharmaceutical manufacturing. His quest for analytical thinking extends to his deep interest in philately.

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