It’s Christmas and It’s Raining Patents

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Ho ho ho! Santa is here and he has some patents for you.

Patents, you say, not presents?

Yes sir, patents.

Not the sort of gift one would normally expect for Christmas, is it? But what if these patents were related to Santa and Christmas? Interesting, right? Cometh Christmas, cometh the season to relax, rejoice and relish the festive fervour. All of us have dreamt of Santa dashing through the snow, jingling bells, riding in his one-horse open sleigh and carrying our presents in his big sack of gifts. When we think Christmas, we think celebrations and merriness, a break from work, fun time with family and friends. It is incredible how Intellectual Property, especially patents, have pervaded Christmas and various facets of its celebrations. There are a number of patents related to Christmas decorations, trees, toys, Santa Claus and even his sleigh. Here are some of the most Christmassy patents, ranging from “Santa Claus Detector” to “Collapsible artificial Christmas tree”.

Santa Claus is coming to town

A perplexed Santa unveiled

A perplexed Santa unveiled

Imagine this. You are Santa Claus. Yes, you are the mythical big guy himself, going from house to house making kids happy. You wouldn’t want the kids to see you sneak into their bedrooms and keep their presents near their pillow. But guess what, as soon as you enter a kid’s room he surprises you by saying, “Hello Santa, I’ve been waiting.”

Santa would be perplexed not knowing that this smart kid had utilized US patent 5,523,741 titled “Santa Claus Detector”. It speaks of a stocking that can be modified with a pull cord appended to it. When Santa accidently pulls this cord, the owner of this high-tech stocking is notified of his presence.

Now parents who dress up as Santa for their kids are in a soup. For them, US patent 7,258,592 serves as a saviour. Titled “Santa Claus visit kit”, this patent describes a kit for creating an illusion that would suggest that Santa Claus visited the premise. Toys and means for making Santa’s boot prints on the floor form a part of the illusion. This way parents can watch their kids wonder that Santa actually visited them. How awesome can some patents be!

And this is how the Santa Claus Kit works

And this is how the Santa Claus Kit works

Oh Christmas tree, your leaves are so unchanging

US patent no. 5,906,869 discloses a Collapsible artificial Christmas tree. This is a treat for people who hate cutting trees for Christmas. One can hang this tree from a ceiling and when Christmas is over, it can be “collapsed concentrically” into a box for storage. Next year, use the same tree with different decorations. Eco-friendly, huh!

There’s also a Christmas Tree Ornament patent (US 4,939,004) that discloses ornaments to attach to a Christmas tree. USD 263,938 highlights the design of an Artificial Christmas Tree. There are patents on toys related to Christmas such as US 3,159,935 that details a Santa magically disappearing into a Chimney. Patents on lighting decoration for Christmas, such as US 1,791,533 describe ways to adorn a place so that it brightens up the festival.

Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh                                                                                                                 

Every year, Christmas brings with it a promise that things will change for the better, that no matter how old we grow, Santa will certainly be there to deliver us our presents. And it seems, to make Christmas better, we have access to some festival related innovations detailed in a horde of patents. Why not use these innovations and make Christmas even more exciting. After all, nothing’s more precious than a kid’s smile when he or she realises that Santa paid a visit on Christmas. Of course, kids wouldn’t know you utilized US 7,258,592, titled “Santa Claus visit kit”, to help Santa greet them. And that is when it will truly be a Merry Christmas!

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