It’s Christmas and It’s Raining Patents

Ho ho ho! Santa is here and he has some patents for you. Patents, you say, not presents? Yes sir, patents. Not the sort of gift one would normally expect for Christmas, is it? But what if these patents were related to Santa and Christmas? Interesting, right? Cometh Christmas, cometh the season to relax, rejoice and relish the festive fervour. All of us have dreamt of Santa dashing through the snow, jingling bells, riding in his one-horse open sleigh and carrying our presents in his big sack Read more [...]
Ambuj Srivastava
Ambuj Srivastava

Armed with a pen and paper, Ambuj can spend hours writing about anything and everything. A compulsive patent decoder, he can shred technology to its smallest bit as easily as he can translate his findings into a blog.

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