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“I didn’t eat that much, yet I had to cough up money even for the gluttons!” A self-chiding voice that you resent to hear every time you head to the restaurant with a group? Chide yourself no more for the big brain of the internet, Google, has filed a patent application with a design to solve your woes.

Filed in May 2012 but made public only recently, the “splitting the bill” patent comes as the light at the end of the tunnel for those who find themselves in a fix every time the restaurant bill is “split amicably” after a group hangout.

Once the patent is granted and becomes an application, all one needs is a smartphone. And then watch the app divide the bill efficiently. If you’ve had just two kebabs and your friend has had five, you get to pay just for two and nothing more. How is it then, that this application will bring value to your table?

Well, for starters, it simplifies the process of calculation. So, at the time of placing orders, each one can fill in what they ordered, and the Google app will take care of the rest like this:


Source: consumerist.com

But more importantly, this application will spare you the embarrassment and awkwardness that comes with asking people to repay you.

However, my doubt is – can an application such as this really help you clear your bad debts? People who don’t have to pay will end up not paying in either case – irrespective of whether they know or not how much they owe you. Doesn’t this case rather question your integrity and decency to pay for you!

Besides, there are other apps such as Splitwise, Billr, Divvy,  SpotMe, and Bank of Me that are based on the same concept and are popularly used. These applications have an easy user interface and offer solutions such as sending reminders to debtors. One application even allows you to scan your bill and the remaining computation of item division and adding tax apportionment is done automatically.

Considering these applications already present in the market perform a similar function, it will be exciting to see what novel feature Google’s patent will include.

(Featured image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blur-cake-cherry-chocolate-241556/)

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