Mobile Phones Ending the Credit Card Era?

It wasn’t until very long ago that people scorned the use of plastic money and held onto their wallets and ‘ready’ cash with their life. And thus they lived with the fear of wallets being stolen or cash dropped. However, over the last decade or so the aam aadmi has begun relying heavily on credit and debit cards for monetary transactions thanks to rapid tech advancements, such that our world now circulates around plastic money. The advent of plastic money combined with a flourishing gamut Read more [...]
Sharon Elin Sunny
Sharon Elin Sunny

An interesting conversationalist, Sharon’s strong social streak finds her working towards uplifting the socially underprivileged when she isn’t helping grow iRunway’s IP services and blogging on new technologies.

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  1. Interesting read, however, we need to consider a couple of aspects before we even attempt to get rid of our wallets:
    1) Battery/Power Consumption: The one issue I, and probably most of the smart phone users, face is that the battery drains super quickly. I would hate to find myself in a situation where I’m paying for a ride back home and my I find my phone discharged. The mobile manufacturing companies need to ramp up their research on improving battery lives that can support phones for more than few hours.
    2) Security: All eggs in the smart phone basket, even though convenient, might cause more frustration than ease when one loses his/her device. I lost my phone very recently and the next week was just hell synchronizing all the accounts, contacts, apps etc. In my opinion, before we attempt to make our smartphones our avatars in this digital world, we need to improve the technology behind tracking lost devices and ensuring a Fort Knox level security of the data present on the devices.

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