Need a Diamond? Q-Carbon Can Make One in 15 Minutes

Diamonds are not just a woman’s best friend, but an intriguing aspect for scientists too. For decades now, scientists have tried to synthesize artificial diamonds in the lab by recreating the environment of high heat and pressure found in the bowels of the Earth which crushes graphite into sparkling gems. Some have also experimented with a method called chemical vapor deposition that blows a hydrocarbon gas over a substrate and uses chemical reactions to form diamonds. But diamonds may not be Read more [...]
Gadi Pavan
Gadi Pavan

There’s some connect that Pavan has with “tele”. He is flabberghasted by what’s ‘tele’cast on ‘tele’vision, believes ‘tele’pathy keeps him bound to friends and ‘tele’porting is a philosophy that grabs his attention. In the melee of this ‘tele’, he blogs about sporty technologies.

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