Need a Pill? Download in 3D

It’s an integral part of sci-fi. Even Star Trek had the Replicator that would print food for the hungry crew in 3D. The Replicator was designed to build a tasty meal by mixing material in the right combination to provide the desired texture, smell, taste and shape instantly. Forget food, 3D printers have gone beyond that to print a human heart that beats. And in the world of pharmaceuticals, 3D printing can now make medicines tailored to your needs. In a first such move, FDA has approved the first Read more [...]
Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha
Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha

Dr. Nalini is a Pharmaceutical patent expert and has extensive experience as a technical and Intellectual Property Specialist in Generic Pharmaceutical manufacturing. His quest for analytical thinking extends to his deep interest in philately.

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