Nike Creates “Back To The Future” Magic Lace Shoes

In 1989, when Marty McFly said, “Power laces. Alright!” it set my mind on a roll. How cool would that be to simply slip my feet into shoes and the laces tie themselves up! Marty and Doc Brown had travelled all the way to where we are today – October 21, 2015 – and the sneakers predicted by this science fiction is now a reality. Nike is celebrating Back to the Future Day by releasing self-lacing Nike Mag sneakers which are going on sale via auction in Spring 2016. The proceeds will go towards Read more [...]
Divyateja Adapala
Divyateja Adapala

A marathoner who enjoys biking along the LA coastline, Divyateja's observant eye shows her what gives a miss to the common spectator. And you get to read about those interesting insights in her blog.

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