Nokia Loses Two Cases Against HTC, Poised for Victory With Third

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Finnish corporation Nokia lost its two-headed dragon to HTC earlier this week, even after a Mannheim Regional Court nearly indicated in February that Nokia could win a German patent injunction against the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant.

Nokia had pressed patent infringement charges against HTC on the latter’s use of Google Play and android services. A Mannheim district court earlier this month ruled that HTC did not infringe on Nokia’s patent that covered a method to use services offered by a telecommunication network, a telecommunication system and a terminal for it. In a separate judgment, the court also ruled out infringement charges against HTC on Nokia’s patent EP 1312974.

These are just two of the 45 patents that Nokia had challenged against HTC, BlackBerry and ViewSonic in May 2009. While BlackBerry surrendered to Nokia in
December last year and ended the feud with a settlement, HTC and ViewSonic decided to fight it out in the courts. Following the Mannheim court’s ruling, a delighted HTC posted on its website: “HTC respects the intellectual property rights of others, but believes that Nokia has exaggerated the scope of its patent in order to extract unwarranted licensing royalties from Android handset manufacturers.”

However, Nokia has decided to take this ruling in its stride and is determined to proceed with its infringement claims on 30 other patents against HTC. It will fight these cases in Germany, US and UK courts. It is also poised for a victory over HTC over its claims of infringement on a power saving patent EP0673175, the judgment of which will be delivered on March 19.

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