On-Demand Music Streaming to battle Piracy

On-demand music streaming services is creating a paradigm shift in the music industry. The revenue from the worldwide retail sales of recorded music was just shy of $22 billion, with the revenue from digital platforms roughly a billion more than that from physical platforms. On-demand music streaming services have been gaining popularity owing to the fact that smartphone penetration has reached over 50% in developed markets and about 20% in emerging markets. This, coupled with the availability high-speed Read more [...]
Gautham Somraj Koorma
Gautham Somraj Koorma

Gautham is a technical consultant in patent litigations and IP monetization activities. He consults Fortune 500 tech companies and major US law firms on patent litigation, IP monetization strategies, patent analytics and intellectual asset management.


  1. A well written chronicle of evolution of the músic industry. The era of streaming músic is becoming more evident with the technological advancements improving human life.

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