Oracle Set to Better Garbage Collection

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Garbage collection is all set to get better with Oracle. Wondering how? Well, the California based tech innovator has filed patent applications with the USPTO to protect its technology that shall help collect unused or dead memory and clean up software clutter!

Oracle’s patent application reveals its plans to upgrade software systems with a dead memory retrieval technology and automated event grouping application for timeline interface users. This is among several other features that it plans to offer once its applications (US20130086131 and US20130086132) are granted patent rights.

So what does this garbage collecting application promise? Oracle’s patent application highlights that a run-time environment engages in routine data garbage collection to maintain system performance. This dead memory is later reclaimed to help run other programs within the environment. Oracle’s patent applications highlight the use of applications that ensure time-based collection of dead memory specific to Oracle’s Java Virtual Machines. Everytime a run-time environment begins a next generation period, the application checks if objects are still running. If not, it will retrieve dead memory that was used to run those items and is assigned for the functioning of next-gen applications.

Well, if it goes the Oracle way, we can soon hope for a cleaner software environment.

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