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FPGA: Your Hypercomputer Password

The Cisco Global Cloud Index has predicted a three-fold increase in data center traffic by 2019. In addition, the world is likely to witness processing of about 86% of workload at cloud data centers, while the remaining 14% will be processed at traditional data centers. The ever increasing demand from individuals and enterprises has evolved the need of hyperscale infrastructure. […]

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Feel Music Course Through Your Veins

It looks like a backpack but it’s a woofer. You wear it on your back and feel the magic of music course through your veins. This is nothing out of a sci-fi feature but a musical backpack designed and created by Canadian company SubPac. SubPac has created a tactile audio technology that transfers low frequencies of music being played into […]

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The Great Indian Reluctance to Patent

The patent system has historically been portrayed by its proponents as neutral and devoid of any moral or ethical values. However, over the years, the arguably neutral patent system has increasingly moral and ethical issues. The idea behind introducing monopoly rights through the patent system was to encourage the inventor to disclose his invention to the public without fear of […]

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Walmart’s Shopping Carts Drive Themselves

Supermarket shopping is convenient. But there’s a tad unpleasantness that creeps in when we need to snake through the alleys, looking up and down, left and right for our desired products. Worse, it gets all the more cumbersome walking with that bulky metal shopping cart, twisting and turning it along those narrow pathways, meandering through a crowded shopping floor. Walmart’s […]

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Customize Your Hearing with Amazon’s Headphones

Headphones have become an integral part of our everyday communication modes, evolving dramatically from long wired beings to compact Bluetooth-enabled ear clip-ons. While it’s physical attributes are still undergoing a metamorphosis, there’s a deeper research activity occurring to power headsets and offer an absolutely noise-free experience. Researchers initially dabbled with passive noise cancellation technology by employing a special material or […]

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Cyclists, Bikers get Airbag Protection

An increase in carbon emissions from vehicles is driving several companies and residential colonies to promote cycling for shorter distances. However, the sheer lack of safety measures when riding on busy roads is deterring cycling enthusiasts from taking up the two-wheeler. Only 1% of all trips in the US are by bicycle. Statistics show that in 2014 more than 50,000 […]

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Patenting Business & Software Methods: The Beginning

Until 1998, software related business methods could not foresee a future and were considered as un-patentable subjects. Inventors had to rely on copyrights and trademarks to protect their software related business methods. However, (thankfully!) this belief was laid to rest by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s (CAFC) 1998 decision on State Street Bank & Trust Co. v. […]


No Wi-Fi; It’s Li-Fi Power for IoT

The 802.11 WiFi standard is celebrating its 26th birthday this month; the technology has enrooted our lives. For years, WiFi essentially owned the 2.4 GHz ISM and 5 GHz U-NII bands. With Internet of things, feature expansion and ever increasing data rate demands, the technology faces major challenges ahead. However a new ray of hope comes from Visible Light Communication – the […]

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No more Apple Picking for Thieves

iPhone thefts, also referred to as “Apple Picking”, would probably become a rarely heard term soon, thanks to the aggressive anti-theft measures designed and put into action by Apple in recent years. Continuing on its indomitable efforts to enhance security of the high-end product, Apple has filed a patent that takes things a step further. Based on U.S patent application […]