Patent Thickets: A Thorn in the Patent System?

When manufacturing a product in the semi-conductor or the pharmaceutical industry, a company may unintentionally infringe on a number of patents.  It often has to navigate its way through a dense thicket of patents of possibly hundreds of closely-related and overlapping patents.  To do so may require payment of royalties to a number of contributors to the technology. As a result, not only is the final cost of product higher than what it should have been but this also hinders the process of development Read more [...]
Rahul Vijh
Rahul Vijh

There is nothing permanent except change. And it’s that change that Rahul enjoys blogging about. Whether it is the latest change to patent law, or the biggest, newest, latest device on the market, Rahul is sure to be up to date with the story, the background and the future.

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