Samsung Wagers on Damages to Apple

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The patent war between Apple and Samsung can put an Indo-Pak cricket match to shame. This week is going to be another interesting period for those closely following the patent battle between the two telecom giants. The giants have kickstarted their second round of wringing necks in a California court – a trial which is expected to determine the final amount of damages that Samsung owes Apple over infringement of various iPhone technologies, including scrolling and “bounce-back” function at the end of documents.

A quick recap of the first trial of this 2012 case – the elected jury found 26 products of Samsung infringing on six Apple patents and awarded the iPhone manufacturer a relief of $1.05 billion. However, a judge found that the jury had miscalculated damages worth $400 million and ordered for a recalculation – which is set to happen this week.

Now, Samsung has accepted that it has infringed on a few of Apple’s patents, but lo behold! it found the jury’s damages calculation outrageous and claimed to owe only $52 million in damages!

The South Korean multinational company accused Apple of asking more money than it is entitled to. It also countered Apple’s claim of market loss due to infringement by stating that it’s Android system products were more cost effective and more customer-friendly with bigger screens (Samsung conducted a survey to prove this point!).

What’s interesting is that Samsung is being tried for products that are no more sold in the US market and that Apple is claiming damages for lost profits. But with the two companies embroiled in litigations worth over $300 billion across world markets, this particular case comes across as a prelude to thicker battles in the coming months.

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