Small is Big. One-Wheel Bike Proves It

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Transportation is posing the biggest challenge to mankind today. There was a time when people waited for a bus for hours together to travel even 25 km away. Today, there is a gamut of options for ease of travel, but road infrastructure is unable to accommodate all of these vehicles with ease. In a bid to challenge this big woe, automobile manufacturers are going back to the basics to reinvent the wheel, literally.

Going are the days of dependency on the four-wheeler. Today, while compact trikes are making ripples in the industry, there’s a new wave of compact transportation coming up in the form of one-wheeled electric bikes. This bike offers 10-15 mph speed, yet its ease of use is grabbing eyeballs. Drive right out of the front door of your house into a metro rail and even zoom up the office elevator sitting royally on this one-wheeler.

The idea of a one-wheel bike was conceived by Chris Hoffman when his daughter asked him to make a one-wheeler for her. The co-founder of RYNO Motors soon enough adapted the idea to RYNO’s line of manufacturing and invested six years of R&D to create the prototype of the RYNO – the Ride Your New Opportunity bike. The vehicle is all set to be a trendsetter with its patent US 8800697 disclosing unique component level functions and mechanics for a one-wheeler.

How it works?

Riding a RYNO is as simple as riding any other two-wheeler. Its handle-seat relationship is similar to a standard motorcycle. However, balancing the vehicle is tricky because of its unique acceleration method. To accelerate, one needs to lean forward, and to brake the driver needs to sit upright. It can go up to speeds of 10 mph depending on how hard one leans. Along with its compactness comes the added advantage of low carbon footprint. This vehicle runs on battery power and also offers a smartphone charging socket to be used on the go.

What RYNO means for the future?

An increasing awareness in environmental friendly vehicles gives RYNO the edge to take on the world with its simple design and easy ride. It would come as no surprise if it eats into the revenue of medium-large motorcycle manufacturers. With the emergence of small automobile manufacturers who are doing wonders with innovative vehicles, major players such as Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki to name a few are forced to invest big in R&D to reinvent their products. An integration of automobiles and mobile technology is also set to revolutionize the way the Smartphone industry works. And the $4,000 RYNO may only add to the next big challenge for Smartphones.

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