Smartphone Beats Console in its Game

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With innumerable functions and substituting a plethora of devices, smartphones have indeed proven to be an efficient jack of all trades. Year after year there have been roaring additions in specs such as megapixels, RAM size, graphics, size of the smartphone itself, sensors, battery life and durability, along with the new versions of Android, IOS and Windows, thereby making the latest smartphone all the more tantalizing to the tech geek.

Packaged with all this is the ah-so-important game feature. Flash games are getting all the more exciting, with games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer demanding more control from smartphones.

Filling in the gap, Apple Inc has filed a patent application that might start a new wave in mobile gaming. US 20150015475 demonstrate a home button that can be used as a mini joystick. The home button normally works its usual course but when applied with little pressure, it protrudes into a tiny joystick. This is significantly smaller than the usual joystick but is expected to provide considerably higher physical control.

The story doesn’t end here. As a cherry on the icing, the USPTO has granted Apple another patent that allows the game controls to stretch beyond the sensitive screen. The accessory device will pair with an iPhone, iPad or other mobile Apple gadgets (possibly the Apple TV as well!) via NFC technology. This will be a non third party offering and a considerable alternative, thus allowing significant control while playing games.

As an add on, having such an external feature reduces screen hijack, and thus leaves users with a scratch-free smartphone screen.

Sony is another major player that allows pairing of dual shock controllers to a few of its Xperia smartphones.

Another groundbreaking innovation that could bring a phenomenal shift in the mobile gaming is the introduction of VR headsets. Users can place their smartphone inside the VR headsets, strap it onto their head and dive into the world of virtual reality.

We heard Samsung introducing VR headsets along with its Galaxy note 4. Now Apple also appears all set to enter the virtual world through its iPhone and iPad by patenting VR headset (US 20100079356 A1).

Are we going to do away with play stations and Xboxes and is gaming the next buzz word for the next generation smartphones? Citing the current developments, this doesn’t look too far.

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Jainendra Sinha
Jainendra Sinha

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