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After bezel-less screens and in-display fingerprint sensors, smartphones are now moving towards a new phase of foldable displays.

Samsung’s recently unveiled foldable Infinity Flex Display phone SAMSUNG F can be a real game changer for the company at a time when it witnessed a drop in its market share in the smartphone space. (In Q2 of 2018, Samsung’s market share was reduced by 2%). Samsung’s new phone becomes a tablet when it’s fully opened and a phone when it’s closed. Kinda cool!

Samsung has been researching this technology space for a while now, filing about eight design patents that look to support the Samsung F design. An image from patent USD778253 supports the Samsung F design.

Source: Google Patent USD778253 (left) and GSM Arena (right)

A 2011 patent (US9489078) of Samsung describes a dual display device technology as:“…the connector may be a hinge, a flexible connector, or a part of a flexible touch screen. In another embodiment, the touch screen display may be implemented by a flexible touch screen which can be folded or bent at least one or more times.”

Capitalizing the buzz Samsung F has created, Huawei has also launched their Foldable device Mate X. Microsoft in the past has filed patents related to their dual display device codenamed ‘Androidmeda’. However, as per recent claims, Microsoft also seems to be working on large sized, non-pocketable dual display device codenamed ‘Centaurus’, which is expected to provide a laptop like experience to make the surface devices portable, yet useful.

This is not the first time that a company has experimented with this concept. Sony and ZTE even launched dual display devices in 2011 and 2017 respectively; however, bulky bezels and unoptimized apps didn’t woo consumers. Lenovo also launched a prototype in 2017 with a bendable display that turns into a smartphone.

It would be important for the big players such as Samsung, Huawei and Microsoft to provide requisite software/apps support for the new-age display devices, so that the consumer gets to feel a new experience. If they hit the sweet spot – then foldable devices could be the next big thing in the smartphone space.

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Himanshu Arora
Himanshu Arora

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