Swap Batteries and Zoom Away in an E-Scooter

What do you do when the battery in your e-bike drains out? Well, simply swap it with a new one at a gas station and zoom away! In the last two blogs of this series, this blogger discussed how e-bikes are poised to change the future of urban mobility, with smart wheels that make riding easier. Alongside come smart e-scooters too that allow you to step into a gas station, pick a charged battery, replace it with the drained one in your bike and jump back onto the road. The CES 2015 was a feast for Read more [...]
Aditya Kochhar
Aditya Kochhar

Neo technologies in automobile and biomedical engineering are sure to find a place in Aditya’s tech insights. A writer by passion and an experimenter by hobby, this IP expert offers interesting tidbits in his blogs.


  1. Hell no. Haha. There is no way an electric sootcer of any kind would have battery let alone a motor big enough to carry you 72 miles, and I’m not calling you fat by any means. Even if you were going 72 miles straight down a hill with the motor running it would most likely die. I doubt an electric sootcer would be able to get up a hill even if it were fully charged. If you’re looking for a cheap ride that’s fuel efficient, look for a gas powered sit-down sootcer or a moped. Good luck!

  2. Electric scooter with seat has been the best choice since it gives more supports and features when comparing with the traditional ones.

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