Synthetic Biology Rewires Industries, Improves Job Market

The DNA has been piquing human interest for quite some time now. While man has been able to decipher some genomes, there are zillions of others that are sending out teaser signals to be decoded. And while these cryptographic challenges keep coming, man has been able to build new genomes from scratch in the lab by a process what we today call synthetic biology. CRISPR - Global Patent Landscape DowDuPont leads the CRISPR global patent landscape, while Broad Institute owns critical eukaryotic Read more [...]
Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha
Dr. Nalini Mohan Koutha

Dr. Nalini is a Pharmaceutical patent expert and has extensive experience as a technical and Intellectual Property Specialist in Generic Pharmaceutical manufacturing. His quest for analytical thinking extends to his deep interest in philately.

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