Taming 3D Printing Inventions

In the previous blog, our blogger discussed how 3D Printing is set to revolutionize healthcare. However, there are several concerns of ethical patenting plaguing this sector. This blog delves into this issue to understand how the US Government is trying to protect authentic inventions. The market for 3D printing is expected to grow to over $8.4 billion by 2025. Today 3D printers, which are available at a mere $250, are increasingly becoming staple business and household items. Added to this Read more [...]
Aditi Das
Aditi Das

Aditi Das is a compulsive sci-fi dreamer who conjures up aliens from vehicles stuck in a traffic snarl. When she isn’t driving teams, inspiring them to shred technologies to pieces and unearth their DNA, she’s busy dishing up Bengali food and blogging.


  1. I was reading you blog taming 3D printing inventions and instantaneously kept recalling about the imposed restrictions by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. I have always wondered why there was a stringent restriction when 3D Printing has some many practical applications.

    Now I understand the faster algorithms used in 3D Printing and its adverse effects in manufacturing Firearms and destructive weapons. However I think this business is going to flourish in no time by producing artificial implants & prosthetics, Toys and Decoration Items.

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