Technology Powers Offside Refereeing in Football

"The arrival of technology for me was a problem. I was not against goal-line technology but I was against further technology, because you begin with goal-line technology but then you have to have offside technology, penalty technology -- and that is the end of football for me. If you have 10 offsides each side per game, then 20 times the game has stopped. It would be a disaster if it goes further. Football is an ongoing game."                                    - Michel Platini, Read more [...]
Gadi Pavan
Gadi Pavan

There’s some connect that Pavan has with “tele”. He is flabberghasted by what’s ‘tele’cast on ‘tele’vision, believes ‘tele’pathy keeps him bound to friends and ‘tele’porting is a philosophy that grabs his attention. In the melee of this ‘tele’, he blogs about sporty technologies.

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