The ‘Green’ Carpet To Cost Reduction and IP Creation

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Green technologies optimize cost, create new IP and boost business growth. Discover how.

The honeymoon period for green technology is over. What started as an idealistic way to score brownie points in the media and among certification agencies, soon led to the creation of mandatory regulations. Today, it is a vehicle for profit, and a potential channel for strategic IP investment.

The corporate goal of green IT is to balance development activities with nature’s existence. Of late, the starting step to going green has changed from ‘being a cool company’ to ‘going green to save cost’. Moving forward, companies can vie to be ‘first movers’ in possessing IP rights through research and development.

Industry acceptance

Industry bigwigs have sent out encouraging signals towards the cause of increasing IP in green technologies. More than 40% of patents filed by General Motors are ‘green’ in nature. NEC Electronics recently announced plans to offer the PLC IP as a building block for its ASIC and standard solutions customers. Then there are companies like General Electric who go an extra mile. In 2005, they announced an investment of USD 1.5 billion in 5 years, and a strategic plan aimed at doubling profit from their ‘Ecomagination’ product line. Another example is what Ricoh calls a ‘rewritable paper printer’, which claims to ‘erase’ previously photocopied and churn them as new paper 200 times.

Future insights

The future of green technology will be driven by an array of intellectual functions like researchers, investors, corporations, lawyers, analysts, and consultants. Innovative green technologies will give birth to intellectual property of high quality – which will guarantee higher profits as well as opportunities to build strong patent portfolios.

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