The Future of Manufacturing is Here

Generative Design Powers Additive Manufacturing Have you ever wondered that while some technologies like smartphones, electronics and artificial intelligence are getting astonishingly complex and futuristic by the day, there are some that haven’t changed for decades or may be even centuries? Why is technology advancement in the space of furniture manufacturing, construction industry, and mechanical parts used in cars and homes so slow paced? Some obvious reasons could be the mass manufacturing Read more [...]
Aditya Kochhar
Aditya Kochhar

Neo technologies in automobile and biomedical engineering are sure to find a place in Aditya’s tech insights. A writer by passion and an experimenter by hobby, this IP expert offers interesting tidbits in his blogs.


  1. Hey Aditya, I have been hearing much about 3D printing services being offered by companies and was curious to know more about it. Your blog certainly threw some light on this matter. The article is so well researched and well explained. I loved how you used pictures to explain the concept.

    1. Thank You. Mr. Gaurav, you will be surprised to see how 3D printing is going to accelerate the development of new sustainable and efficient technologies in the future by merging the capability of a 3D printer with generative design methodologies. As a recent development airbus used the same two technologies to form a bike called the LightRider Link:!en/dkqv3

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