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In November 2011, the world was gifted its first Bluetooth mono headset with active noise cancellation technology. Created by Jabra, this revolution in Bluetooth headset technology set the ball rolling for several manufacturers in the music industry, encouraging them to create headsets that enhance acoustic experience. In the fourth of a five-part series on the music industry, our bloggers look at the ways in which two of the best headset makers in the world have helped create better products for professionals who need to use headphones to answer calls for long stretches every day.

Gone are the days when people listened to songs from an entire album at a stretch. And nearly gone are the days where people still buy music cds where the sounds are controlled throughout the hearing experience. These are the times when music is downloaded from scores of websites, with each having its own pitch of music output. These are the times when people listen to mixed music… songs from different albums jumbled into their preferred choice of listening. Listening to such music has become even easier today with companies such as Sennheiser and Jabra bringing into the market Bluetooth headsets that allow the listener to walk all over the house with their headphones on, swaying to tunes and rapping to the beats. But then comes the big problem… one song is all melodious but the volume is low so you need to increase it, and jarrrrr… the next song is way too loud and you again need to adjust the volume level to your hearing comfort.

Wondering how long one will have to keep doing this? Well, the answer is “Not anymore”. Investing heavily in its acoustic research and development of ear-friendly products, many acoustic companies have developed products that help regulate sounds to a level of the listener’s comfort as and how they come through the headsets.

Jabra weaves its magic

But imagine you are having a teleconversation with your team that is located across various places in the world. In the middle of the conversation, there’s the sound of wind whooshing through, a child screaming somewhere, thunder roaring and a cooker whistling. That can be extremely disturbing to the ear and your senses, especially when you are discussing something of great import. It is for situations like this that the Bluetooth headphones by Jabra come into handy. Equipped with anti-noise technology, Jabra’s Supreme range of Bluetooth headphones have electronic chipsets embedded that actively remove ambient noise real time, creating a niche listening experience and improving the overall call experience.

Patents 20110096921  and 7937117 B2 hold within them the technology used to create the perfect acoustic ambiance through noise-cancellation technology, enabling a user to enjoy a hands-free and noise-free experience.

Sennheiser gets ear-friendly

In a serious bid to protect professionals who need to use phones throughout the day, Sennheiser has created Bluetooth headphones that come with its patented ActiveGard technology. This technology has been designed to protect such headphone users from potential acoustic shocks and sudden sound bursts. What’s more, a range of Sennheiser’s products come with multi-connectivity abilities that allow it to seamlessly work along with Smartphones, laptops and tablets. Besides, these products from Sennheiser employ a form of noise cancellation technology that externalizes the sound in the user’s head and gives the impression that he/she are speaking to someone in the same room.

The image below shows two embodiments of this communication system comprising a compressor circuit according to the patent. It involves a system comprising a telephone and a listening device connected via a wired interface comprising a PC or other computer device and a listening device connected via a wired interface. There is also a system comprising a cellular telephone and a listening device connected via a wireless interface.

Headphones open up

But this was an idea developed much later. The first brainwave came by when an engineer at Sennheiser realized that the bulky closed model headsets were quite an impediment. A little research here and a little experiment there found him inventing the world’s first open headphones what we popularly know through the product HD 414.

If statistics are anything to go by, then the following graph gives a brief idea of Sennheiser’s patent filing trend:

Reaching its peak in invention of excellent acoustic devices in 2010, Sennheiser is now majorly working on developing these inventions to offer better headset experiences for everyone.

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