Touchscreens Are Passe Now – Use Brainwaves to Go Touchless!

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If you thought that smart watches were a cool concept, think again as Samsung is gearing up to develop a “brainwave tablet”! This project is still in its initial stages, but Samsung and the University of Texas are working on it in conjunction. They have already developed a prototype that is about 80% to 90% accurate, and recognizes input in about 15 seconds.

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Researchers are using ECG (electroencephalogram) caps that harness the power of one’s mind to control tablets and smartphones. Using this technology, the “caps” will measure electrical activity in a scalp and treat that as an input for mobile devices. This technology will help make selections by zeroing in on an icon that flashes at an evident frequency from others, and then be recognized by the system as a different electrical pattern.

Demonstrated on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, it requires the user to focus and concentrate on whatever he wishes to select. Different icons will flash at different rates on the device, allowing the EEG cap to “recognize” a unique electrical pattern.

The challenge, however, is to develop caps that are more convenient and less intrusive. Current EEG systems use gel or wet contact electrodes and take up to 45 minutes to just set things up.

Another flipside is that currently this system is cumbersome to use and is being developed for those with disabilities. But going by Samsung’s hint towards alternative input methods, this could be the logical conclusion ahead. And if industry rumors are anything to go by, Samsung is planning to take this technology mainstream and launch it soon!

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