Unlock Smartphones With Your Ear

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Smartphone security is a subject of growing importance. From number pins to voice and face recognition, security features to unlock a smartphone are getting innovative by the day. In a more recent development, Apple patented a technology that allows its iOS user to click a selfie as the key to unlocking a smartphone.

While the face-scanning biometric security feature has been of help, it’s also a cumbersome process to wait for a phone to identify the user. In a bid to make biometric more user friendly, Amazon has invented a technology that allows the ear to be the recognizing key. Amazon’s US patent 9,049,983 titled “Ear recognition as device input” describes a technology that allows the front camera to scan the user’s unique ear shape to unlock the phone as soon as he/she picks the phone to make or answer a call.

Patent US 9,049,983

Source: Patent US 9,049,983

In a separate attempt, Yahoo has developed a “Bodyprint” technology. It is said to utilize a smartphone’s capacitive touch screen to scan not just an individual’s ears, but also knuckles, fists, palms and fingers as they are held and pressed against. As soon as these body parts press against the device, the touch screen generates an image to distinguish the user and simultaneously unlocks or remains locked.

Fingerprint sensors are expensive. However, a scanner is larger in size, is a cheaper alternative and can also decipher larger body parts such as palms. This makes such biometric smartphone security features a cost-effective alternative. The video below says it all:

(Featured image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bearpark/2706701983)

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