Virtually Daydream with the Android Nougat

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Virtual Reality is all set to make a grand entry into your Smartphone with Google’s Daydream. While Google has already made its Pixel phones Daydream compatible, several of its partner manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus and Alcatel will feature the latest Android Nougat OS that is Dreamview compatible. This means that movies, YouTube videos, games and the like are all set to offer a perfect visual treat on a virtual big screen!

History of Virtual Reality technology. Graphic:

History of Virtual Reality technology.

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What does Daydream offer?

Google’s Street View is all set to get the VR boost with Daydream. The technology is described in Google’s patent US9195306 which describes a VR headset that makes direction-seeking all the more easier for users.


The Wall Street Journal VR is also available on Daydream, providing users with news and analysis, and real time interactive market data visualization. There are also interactive 360-degree videos that make it all the more interesting. The aforementioned patent may also find its application here.

With Star Chart VR on Daydream, users can explore the entire solar system – from the sun to the various moons.

Daydream is a step towards an easier access to VR technology. With its lightweight and sleek aspects, everyday video graphic use of Smartphones is all set to metamorphose into a multi-dimensional world, bringing alive everything – from the Jurassic era to a future planetary life.

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