Wanna Communicate Clearly? Get a Tattoo

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If you’re a gadget freak and have plans to tattoo yourself, keep your art work away from your throat. Motorola may soon give you a throat tattoo! Wondering if you’re reading right and why Motorola started tattooing? Well, this is what the American telecom multinational is up to.

Alberth JR and William P of Motorola Mobility Inc. have filed a patent application for an electronic skin tattoo that will be connected to a mobile device. The inventors seem to have found an absolute hands-free experience (bizarre for a few though!), wherein they plan to insert a temporary electronic tattoo on the throat region of a user (read neck).

They claim that this tattoo will include a mic – to ensure background noises are filtered out and only sounds from the larynx are collected! – a Bluetooth, an antenna, NFC and a battery that “may or may not be rechargeable”. (What do you do if you have to recharge it?!)

More so, this can also double up as a lie detector! So every time you’re nervous or wish to refrain from spelling the truth, beware to get this device off from beeping from your galvanic reactions, lest it turns into a pain in the neck.

If you thought Google’s Regina Dugan’s idea of a stomach tattoo for a communication device and her idea of powering it by popping a pill that contained a switch and battery was bizarre, Motorola is standing in true competition by patenting this idea.

Well, wearable technology is sure maturing in ideas. How this takes shape is something to watch out for.

(Featured image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Straight_edge_tattoo2.jpg)

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