When Inventions Get Crazy

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We all love to invent – a new method to train the pet, a new dish, a new dream. Well… but how many times have we thought of patenting them? Well, there sure are a few people across the world who love to invent – what we could call crazy stuff – and have gone all out to patent their inventions.

Here’s a perfect gift for a narcissist. Filed in May 1985, the “Pat on the Back” invention is a self-congratulatory apparatus that comes with a stimulated hand carried on a pivoting arm. This arm moves back and forth to give an amusing pat on the back of the user.

Worried you’re eating too much? The anti-eating face mask can solve your woes. Patented in 1982, the inventor Lucy L. Barmby created a cup-shaped meshed mask to cover the mouth such that nothing other than air can enter your mouth. Something that diet-freaks who need external help can watch out for!

Banana lovers who get upset every lunch hour to see their banana all squashed and bruised, here’s a reason to rejoice. Here’s a patent called the Banana protective device that’s all set to solve your woes. Designed to protect this all-weather fruit and transport it safely, the device is said to have a thick casing shaped like a banana to help u store the yellow energy booster with ease.

The next time you dish out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ensure you keep the crust on or be prepared to face a patent infringement! A subsidiary of jelly giant Smuckers has filed a patent for crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, wherein it outlines how exactly the sandwich needs to be made!

(Featured image source: https://pixabay.com/en/banana-box-banana-storage-box-59565/)

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