You Miss, I Hit, They Glow!

Dhoni’s ‘Deflect Throw’ method for run-outs, which saves those precious fractions of a second over the conventional ‘gather and dislodge’ method has grabbed eyeballs. But there’s one other thing that’s caught people’s attention this ICC World Cup season - the LED stumps. While we saw the LED stumps for the first time during the ICC T20 World Cup hosted by Bangladesh in 2014, it’s the first time that in a 50 over’s World Cup series that we are witnessing the glowing timber. Read more [...]
Chinmaya Kelkar
Chinmaya Kelkar

From swimming alongside sharks to performing with A.R. Rehman, Chinmaya enjoys versatility every day of his life. A sports geek, he enjoys delving into patents that make sporting all the more fair and fun.


  1. Didn’t know a set of stumps could have a cool story about their inception. Nice article Chinmaya..

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