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Interesting you say, Mr. Icahn. Can you be finally writing about Apple and Nuance opening doors for a future we’ve seen as part of science fiction? Or is the industry going to see the reemergence of the three ‘musk’eteers? It will be fascinating to see Apple, Nuance and Tesla mix their secret ingredients to cook up a perfect “D” we’ve heard about recently. Batmobile for all! Or maybe it’s an appeal to go open source, only time will tell.

Carl Icahn holds close to 19% stake in Nuance and 0.88% in Apple. So the most likely thing we’ll find in the letter will have something to do with Nuance. Market speculations regarding the mysterious tweet puts Nuance and Apple stocks on a bullish trend. However, let’s look at the pros and cons of this arrangement from an IP and technology perspective.

Apple will profit from this as its speech recognition back plane is powered by Nuance and with little to no tweaks it can go about its business as is now. On the other hand, if Samsung decides to buy Nuance, which has been rumored to be up for sale, Apple will have to make a major overhaul to Siri and might just end up breaking what is fixed and smooth.

Nuance holds seminal patents in the Speech Recognition domain and irrespective of who buys Nuance, anyone who wants to implement SR technology will have to get into some kind of agreement with it. Having said this, is Nuance holding a monopoly? Or will we see a paradigm shift in the near future?

To get answers to these questions, simply ask your smart assistant to watch this page for updates, and sit back while we beam you to the wonderful world of voice recognizing smart virtual assistants.

Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta

In pursuit of happiness and a random generalizer, Ashish tracks the world of technology with a microscope. Tweets from technocrats and updates from tech giants barely miss his eye.

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