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RPO Patent Portfolio Auction Possible Flashpoint for Apple, Samsung: iRunway Report

Sealed-bid Auction to Include Digital Waveguide TouchTM Among 120 Tech Patents and Published Applications

AUSTIN, TX (US), October 31, 2011

iRunway, a technology research firm specializing in litigation support and patent portfolio analysis, has released a report on the Nov. 3 RPO Inc. patent portfolio auction, which may become another flashpoint in the ongoing "patent wars".

The sealed-bid auction of 120 RPO Inc. technology-related patents and published applications will include Digital Waveguide TouchTM, a superior touch technology with low power consumption that does not require a touch-sensitive overlay.

"The auction may spark another battle in the patent wars, and Apple may emerge as a contender for the patents and associated manufacturing processes," said Animesh Kumar, Chief Solutioning Officer, iRunway. "The technology patents, and specifically the absence of touch overlay, could enable Apple to showcase the full capability of its Retina display screens, providing a possible competitive advantage in the display area."

Samsung already has invested resources in touch sensing, according to the report, but DWT may be attractive to the company as a cost-effective solution for its lower-end phones, and there may be an advantage to pre-empting other companies by acquiring the portfolio.

The iRunway report highlights the possible applications of RPO's patent portfolio. It also presents a classification of RPO's patent portfolio and highlights a strength analysis of the patents according to iRunway's proprietary ranking algorithms.

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