• iRunway
Technical Evidence drives 8-Figure Settlement with a Fortune 100 Firm

"The iRunway team unearthed the best technical evidence from multiple and disparate streams of data – and they brought it all together. We had confidence the patents were infringed and were able to negotiate a favorable result for our client."

David Sochia
Principal, McKool Smith

In 2010, McKool Smith represented its client - a leading supply-chain technology provider - in a patent infringement lawsuit against a U.S. Fortune 100, business software and hardware systems company.

The litigation involved four patents in the field of Remote Monitoring Systems and Supply Chain Management, covering multiple products from the defendant's e-Business suite.

The primary challenge was to identify specific modules - within a complex and vastly integrated product suite of 40+ applications – that implemented the claimed inventions, and then assemble the best evidence supporting the infringement theory.

Deeper Insight

McKool Smith engaged iRunway to perform detailed technical analysis at the direction of our technical experts:

  • For each patent, iRunway created a detailed 'product – claim' feature map, highlighting potentially infringing modules and the extent of overlap.
  • The team built claim charts triangulating evidence of infringement from hundreds of thousands of pages of technical literature/ product documentation, visual evidence from product screenshots and product usage, and analysis of over a million lines of source code.
  • iRunway assembled functioning demonstration environments for each of the accused combination of products, providing a solid foundation of analysis for their team, the experts, and the attorneys.

Better Outcome

With strong evidence of infringement, McKool Smith was able to successfully negotiate a very favorable settlement on behalf of their client.


Corporate Overview