• iRunway
Uncovering Licensing Opportunities

"iRunway provided valuable insight and flexibility into how we analyze patents in our patent portfolio."

Chief Patent Counsel

The client, a Fortune 50 technology and business solutions provider, has accumulated a strategic portfolio of patents managed by a lean staff of in-house counsel. Given the complexity of this portfolio, ensuring in-depth knowledge and insight around the entire portfolio is critical to unlocking value – in the right place, at the right time.

Deeper Insight

To ensure that the in-house team had a comprehensive view of the value of its entire portfolio, they partnered with iRunway. iRunway scored and codified each and every patent – not just what existed in the patent data, but through in-depth human analysis. At client's request, iRunway then mapped this learning into a database and online tool for the in-house team.

By organizing and mapping this content into a flexible, consumable form, iRunway now enables the in-house team to quickly and easily assess its portfolio for potential business opportunities.

Better Outcome

With iRunway's help, the client is able to quickly and efficiently identify 'patents' of interest and evaluate new opportunities for their patent portfolio.


Corporate Overview