• iRunway
Unlocking the Value of a Company's IP

"The lifeblood of any technology company is its intellectual property. iRunway provides real insight into the value of our IP, which helps inform our most critical business decisions."

Randy Jacops
President & CEO, Versata Software Inc.

Versata is a technology company, driven by the generation and acquisition of intellectual property. As such, it's critical that the company understands the value of its entire IP portfolio, and what it means to the business.

But while IP is a key driver of the value equation, Versata's management team understands the importance of keeping its focus on the core business: making great software and delivering breakaway business value for clients.

That's why Versata turned to iRunway: to provide ongoing assessments of its IP, in the context of the existing portfolio – helping the company plan on how to protect and grow the business going forward.

Deeper Insight

With iRunway, Versata has a team that understands not just its technology, but also its business – based on a deep, working understanding of the IP that surrounds the technology Versata owns.

This context and understanding arms the iRunway team with the insight to provide constant and diligent monitoring of Versata's IP, ensuring the company safely protects its business.

Better Outcome

iRunway has helped Versata unlock value across a range of activities – most notably in handling the company's technical research in support of Versata's 'unbundling' of litigation, leading to tremendous success in the company's defense of its business and its core assets.

And iRunway is able to deliver these outcomes at fraction of the cost of what Versata had typically been paying – in most cases; dramatically reducing the company's spent.


Corporate Overview