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Litigation Unbundling Drives 4th Highest Patent Jury Verdict in the US (2009)

"For Versata's most important case in twenty years, we explored a dramatically different approach – letting our counsel focus on what they do best, and having iRunway lead the technology research. Our approach paid off with a wildly successsful outcome."

Lance Jones
SVP & General Counsel, Versata Software Inc.

In 2009, Versata Software took on its biggest competitor in the enterprise resource planning space, with a patent infringement lawsuit against SAP.

Recognizing the complexity of the litigation – a terabyte of data, over 250 invalidity contentions, 10 million lines of code and an adversary with the deepest litigation team in the industry – Versata dramatically altered its approach: hire the best lawyers, but relieve them of the deep technology research and allow them to focus on what they do best.

Deeper Insight

Adopting an innovative approach of 'unbundling' the litigation, Versata engaged iRunway to handle all of the technical research:

  • Analysis of over 5 million lines of source code, to identify the three lines which established infringement
  • Reverse engineering of the product development lifecycle over a 15-year period, to pinpoint every instance of infringement
  • Analysis of over 250 prior arts cited by SAP to deliver 154 response reports, disproving SAP's invalidity contentions

Better Outcome

The jury found that SAP infringed two of Versata's patents, awarding a $138.6 million verdict to Versata – the 4th highest patent jury verdict in the US in 2009. Better still, Versata was able to drive the case to this successful outcome for less than a third of what they would have historically spent on such a case, laying the groundwork for a new, more effective, and more efficient approach to protecting IP and ensuring better litigation outcomes.


Corporate Overview