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Digital Imaging in Mobile Devices

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Content Overview

  • Digital Imaging – Patent Landscape
  • Analysis of Digital Imaging Patents
  • -Patent Distribution & Seminal Patents
  • Key Players in the Digital Imaging Landscape
  • -Canon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Kodak
  • Kodak’s Digital Imaging Portfolio Sale


The recent $525 million sale of Kodak’s patent portfolio to a consortium of technology companies sheds light on the evolving digital imaging patent landscape and its importance in the mobile device category. The sale also helps to highlight the dominant players in this space, as well as those seeking to bolster their competitive position in the market.

In the era of Smartphone, telephony is no longer a selling point for mobile devices. High quality display, superior touch-screens, exemplary digital photography and applications that enhance productivity are some of the features that are most desired by consumers.

Digital imaging is, in fact, a multi-faceted process. This research report focuses on the patent and technology landscape of digital imaging within mobile devices. It defines and categorizes different components that combine to make digital imaging possible – i.e. image acquisition, image storage, image manipulation, image display, image networking and image recognition. The report highlights the companies that control key patents along with the strength and relevance of these patent assets. It offers also insight on those companies that hold a competitive advantage and how this may affect licensing and litigation strategies in the near future.

Technology majors like Canon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung and Kodak lead the list with sizeable patent portfolio. Beyond these top players, the landscape is fragmented with hundreds of smaller and mid-size companies who collectively own ~70% of patents. A number of these SMEs have strong digital imaging patents and have successful patent monetization program in place.

The report provides particular attention to Kodak’s digital imaging patent portfolio, examining the company’s assets and providing a comparative analysis between Kodak and other leading industry players to shed light on how the portfolio sale will impact the players in the digital imaging arena.


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