• iRunway

Benefits for Academic Institution

  • Discover hidden gems in portfolio
  • Match academic research/IP and industry
  • Focus patent budget and case managers on commercializable IP
  • Reduce friction in negotiating industry agreements

How the Commercialization Program Works

  • No upfront commitment, iRunway paid only for success
  • iRunway invests in the initial research/IP analysis
  • Academic client remains in control

What’s Under the Hood

  • Proprietary engine to identify commercializable research/ IP and match to industry interest
  •   Algorithms, experienced experts and industry relations
  • Agreement workflow management
  •   Pre-negotiated industry and university terms
      Cloud based licensing platform
  • Required investments fully funded
  •   Tier 1 finance partners provide capital

For more information, please contact

Joe Dearing
Exec. VP – Global Legal Solutions joe.dearing@i-runway.com 646.767.7407

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