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iRunway can deliver landscape reports that help you get an overview of a particular technology domain, its evolution, identify patent holdings and strength of various companies and provide details on latest trends and specific developments in the industry. The analysis and insights from the report can be used as inputs to guide your R&D and IP strategy.

We understand that there are multiple possibilities and dimensions to analyze a particular landscape. We can customize the analysis and prepare a report that aligns with all your requirements. Our landscape analysis reports include:

Patent Classification

A comprehensive view of the landscape with a customized taxonomy and hierarchy built in collaboration with in-house counsel/ experts. The multi-level patent classification would be different than the regular IPC classes and would be aligned to your product line and/ technology.

Technology White Space

Identify important technology sub-domains depending on your future roadmap in a particular technology landscape. In these sub-domains, iRunway can identify areas with no patent (or lower) coverage in the landscape and also identify areas with lower patent protection for your products.

Evolution Tree

A graphical representation of patents and related information which helps users analyze IP investment of organizations (including competition) across time & sub-domains. The evolution tree can be used to analyze the patent investments and strategy of competition and gain relevant insights.

Thermal Map

A thermal map helps visualize the relative size and intensity of patent filings in various technology sub-domains in the landscape. The size of each rectangle represents the percentage of total patents in a particular sub-domain (based on patent classification) and the color of each rectangle shows the intensity of patent filings by market players - higher number of patents filed will result in higher patent activity score for a particular sub-domain.

Patent Strength & Ranking

A detailed strength profile and ranking of patents based on a proprietary algorithm to identify strong and high value patents in the landscape. Rank and score is based on multiple parameters such as infringement detectability, number of independent and dependent claims, technology activity rate, backward and forward references, age of patent, etc.

Competitive Benchmarking

A comparative analysis of your patents and the state-of-the-art in the landscape along with a detailed comparison matrix to provide a complete perspective on the IP strength of relevant players and your technology position in the market.

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