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Licensing of patents is a common method of monetization, but this requires careful and meticulous structuring to avoid any damage to the value or loss of IP rights. iRunway’s patent licensing and monetization services have been structured and customized to help patent owners and counsel identify the strongest aspects of your patents. We help you analyze and explore its value, assess monetization opportunities and execute your licensing programs to reap the highest reward.

iRunway follows a hybrid approach to help monetize your patent portfolio with our patent portfolio analysis solution - COMPASSSM as the technology platform to help corporate counsel run their licensing and monetization program. In addition to this, our research services and evidence of use analysis helps counsel identify and close licensing opportunities. Our services are intuitively structured to identify strong patents in your portfolio, identify licensing targets, find evidence and build the case for licensing negotiations.

Know Your PatentsTop

Our in-house portfolio analysis solution - COMPASSSM - helps identify, evaluate and recommend the strongest (STAR) patents in your portfolio. The intuitive classification and customized taxonomy can help identify target categories with the highest licensing and revenue potential. It helps manage your entire patent portfolio and offers regular updates to find newer licensing and monetization opportunities.

The solution also offers users with specific tags that aid in quick retrieval of patents that have been identified for licensing, counter-suits, strategic sale, and other analyses that can easily be shared across multiple user groups in a secured manner.

Know Your LandscapeTop

iRunway offers an in-depth analysis of your patent portfolio – map your strongest (STAR) patents to potential targets and also identify white spaces that need to be cleared. We assess disposition options in relation to the larger market/ competition and analyze your portfolio across the technical and legal landscape. Technology evolution trees and citation analyses help identify entities that read on your patents, enabling research teams to identify products that could potentially infringe your patents.

Based on these findings, iRunway helps you identify licensing and monetization opportunities. We help you leverage your options through technology transfer techniques, licensing or sale of patents - whichever works best for you!

Know Your EvidenceTop

Our evidence of use analysis and claim charts capturing the best technical infringement evidence helps you make informed decisions in licensing your patents. We can help you:

  • Identify potential licensee: Our team of subject-matter experts can scout for potential targets (companies and their products) that read on your patents, determine evidence of use and help build high value claim-charts.
  • Analyze in/ out/ cross-licensing opportunities: Based on evidence of use analysis and whitespaces in your portfolio, we can help identify and explore multiple leverage options – including technology transfer, patent sale, in/ out/ cross-licensing opportunities.
  • Build case for licensing negotiations: Based on your licensing strategy, our consultants can put together a complete package (claim-charts and other materials), coordinate with 3rd parties as required and work with you to successfully execute the deal.