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Patent Renewal & Lapse Analysis

Patents are critical assets that allows organizations to sustain value and protect their business in a competitive environment. In order to maintain the legal entitlement, companies must pay periodic patent maintenance fees in each country where its patented. For a large company, the cost of maintaining one patent, over its lifetime, in the United States alone is USD 12,600.

Patent Maintenance Fees Schedule - USPTO

For companies with substantial patent portfolio, the cost of maintaining their portfolio can run into millions of dollars. Deciding on what patents to keep and which ones to lapse have strategic implications. After all the cost of maintaining a low-value patent over its lifetime is only USD 12,600. However, one can only imagine the cost of abandoning a strategic high-value patent which protects their key product and/ or has tremendous monetary potential.

iRunway can assist your in-house legal team take patent maintenance and renewal decisions using an extensive approach to analyzing patents. We follow a layered approach considering multiple parameters and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the portfolio to optimize patent renewals.

Our team of subject matter experts will review the abstract, specifications and key claims of each patent across multiple parameters – life of patent (renewals due), nature of patent (how core is it to the business), strength of patent and future potential of each patent (technology density, activity, monetary potential of the patent. Based on the review, we will score each patent and provide a recommendation on whether or not to renew a patent.

iRunway will provide a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for maintenance decisions for each patent on a three point scale 'highly recommended for renewal', 'recommended for renewal' and 'not recommended for renewal'.

Recommendations With Deep-dive Analysis
Industry Context with Technology + IP Experience
We have relevant domain and in-depth monetization experience. We understand the value of patents and the protection it provides to your business.
Expert-led, Bionic Solution
Review of all patents is done by a team of IP experts/ consultants to ensure the right judgement is applied. It is not a machine-read, automated solution.
Eliminate Type I & Type II Errors
We can help you avoid incorrect rejection of high-value patents (false positive) and renew patents that should definitely be allowed to lapse (false negative).
Unbiased 3rd Party Opinion
We provide an objective and fair assessment of patent renewal – based on what makes sense to the business and the larger competitive landscape.