• iRunway

iRunway assists companies in managing intellectual property portfolios by consulting on IP valuation, investment, licensing, and purchase or sale of patent assets. We can help you with detailed patent valuation and damages assessment work in addition to our technical analysis and evidence mining services. We have a dedicated team from premier institutions who are not only proficient in the financial services industry, but also have sound technical background. This team will closely work with you and our technical team to identify proper components of infringement.

Once the technical analysis identifies individual products and services that are known to infringe, detailed research is conducted that takes into consideration complex financial data, qualitative facts, and supporting evidence to determine the value of the patents in the portfolio and the financial impact of the opportunity.

The valuation model that we deliver will be useful in making decisions on the relative importance of patents in a portfolio, assessing the contribution of IP to M&A deals, initiating licensing discussions and, determining if the opportunity can support litigation or, not.

Elements taken into consideration in developing a valuation model are:

  • Strength of the infringement case.
  • Notice date and remaining patent life.
  • Domestic and international patent coverage.
  • Addressable revenue attributable to the accused product(s).
  • Entire market value vs. Cornell factors.
  • Past and projected future growth rates.
  • Reasonable and customary royalty rates.
  • Georgia-Pacific factors.
  • Risks associated with litigation vs. licensing.

Sample Chart Capturing Royalty Analysis

  • We address complex analyses such as past and future lost profits, reasonable royalties, apportionment, unjust enrichment, accelerated market entry, price erosion and suppression, corrective advertising, etc.
  • You no longer need to reach out to multiple providers for your technical and financial analysis. At iRunway, we provide both, streamlining the process and eliminating any communication gaps between technology and finance teams.
  • Using proprietary tools developed by in-house experts, we create detailed financial models to address our clients’ specific requirements. These tools have proved capable of handling massive amounts of information; they not only help our clients negotiate settlements, but also raise investment funds for litigation.
  • Striving to develop improved ways to calculate damages is extremely important. Through continuous research, we look for ways to generate better outcomes at every stage of the analysis.
  • We take client services to the next level, by remaining highly adaptable to new and unique client needs and requests, while exceeding expectations regarding deadlines, quality and professionalism. The details are vital in all our analyses, as well as in the presentation. Our goal is to create healthy, long-standing relationships with all of our clients by providing consistently high quality work.