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Strategic acquisition of patent portfolios has become increasingly common in the last few years. Patents are being viewed as an investable asset class and recent high profile transactions have garnered higher interest among C-suite in leading technology companies. The prominence of patent assertion entities (PAEs) and new patent-centric business models, especially the growing private equity interest in patents, has also increased the number of transactions in the current marketplace.

We understand that the strategic objectives of a patent transaction can vary i.e. strengthen a portfolio; protect business interest and products against expensive lawsuit; increase negotiation leverage in cross-licensing or increase monetization opportunities. We also understand that level of investment and due diligence required is not the same for all opportunities. Our customized services provide much more than the regular scope and status of patents in the portfolio. We can help you analyze the opportunity and arm your in-house team with detailed insights aligned to your objectives.

Initial Screening of Patents

A detailed report containing a list of patents along with a cumulative score/ rank for each patent based on parameters such as infringement detectability (ease of detection of infringement), enforceability (technical relevance, breadth and scope of the claims) and priority. The report will identify ‘STAR’ (high ranking) patents and also highlight factors that could affect validity and other issues regarding enforceability of patents.

‘Patent – Product’ Maps

A summarized ‘feature-level’ visualization of patents mapped to products in your portfolio. This analysis will help you identify important patents in the portfolio that can strengthen the protection your products receive and also find strong patents with high monetization potential.

Evidence of Use Analysis

A concise report providing an analysis for each of the high ranking ‘STAR’ patents. Each report will have a summary of the invention, significance of the technology, potential infringing product(s), estimated revenue for the infringing products and a preliminary claim chart highlighting the evidence of use.

Detailed Infringement Analysis

For patents with positive evidence of use results, iRunway will build a ‘feature matrix’ that highlights the comparison between the list of features in the patent and potentially infringing product(s). Based on your monetization objectives, iRunway will build detailed claim charts for patents with higher degree of overlap.

Analysis of Open Applications

A transaction can include both granted patents and open applications. We can analyze all open applications in the portfolio and the claims in those applications in light of commercial implications. As part of your ongoing prosecution efforts, we can suggest modifications to those claims to make the grant of those applications possible and also maximize its commercial attractiveness.

Mapping to Technology Standards

Some patents in the portfolio can be declared essential to certain technology standards. As part of your ongoing monetization efforts, iRunway can build claim charts validating the mapping of the patents to these standards. In addition to this, we will also perform searches to identify other standards that could potentially map onto these patents.

Valuation & Damages Assessment

For the ‘STAR’ patents, iRunway can deliver a detailed valuation report with an assessment of likely accumulated damages from possible licensing and litigation efforts. We will build a detailed financial model based on analysis of target company’s financial statements, net present value, discount rates, realistic forecast of future projections and royalty bases for both conservative and high returns.