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COMPASSSM, a web-based solution, helps unearth new licensing opportunities by changing the way your in-house team look at patents in your portfolio.

It extracts valuable insights from existing patents and helps manage, optimize and utilize your patent portfolio for strategic gains. It provides a multi-dimensional view of the portfolio along with enhanced visualization of the analysis through intuitive 2D and 3D models. This analysis is delivered to multiple stakeholders in your IP department through a secure online platform using customized interfaces.

Features of COMPASS

Features of COMPASSSM
  • Intuitive Classification Hierarchy & Categorization - Customized taxonomy & hierarchy built in collaboration with in-house counsel/ experts. The tool displays a 'bionic' patent classification in an easily navigable tree-structure and is aligned to a company's product lines and technology.

  • Information Sharing & Collaboration - With web 2.0 capabilities, users can define tags for sharing of analysis and notes across multiple user groups. It helps in quick retrieval of patent identified for licensing, counter-suit, strategic sales, etc.

  • Technology Evolution Tree - The tool provides an interactive graphical representation of patents and related information which helps users analyze IP investment of organizations (including competition) across time & technology domains.

  • Patent Ranking & Strength Analysis - This uses iRunway's proprietary strength analysis algorithm to identify the 'High value' patents in the portfolio based on 15 parameters. The tool ranks all the patents in the portfolio on the basis of their relative strengths.

  • Multi-dimensional Analysis using Graphs - This functionality provides the user with various insights into the portfolio. The analysis is presented through intuitive graphs and charts to aid usability.

Top Portfolio Visualization
  • Understand the extent of protection your technology and products receive through comprehensive 'technology-patent' matrix and 'product-patent' maps.
  • Analyze IP investments of organizations across multiple technology domains.
  • Identify dominant patent clusters in a technology domain using patent 'thermal maps'
  • Customized patent categorization using taxonomy defined by your experts aligned with your technology and product strategy

Portfolio Utilization
  • Improve litigation effort and unearth new licensing opportunities based on 'STAR' patents identified using proprietary patent scoring algorithm.
  • Discover potential infringement and acquisition targets, based on citation and technology landscape analysis.
  • Refine IP strategy and related investments based on the 'white spaces' identified during technology landscape analysis.

Portfolio Optimization
  • Reduce the maintenance cost of the portfolio through elimination of 'high-cost and low-value' patents identified using 'cost-index' filters.