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Starting from the pre-litigation stage to filing PICs, offering analytical support through the fact discovery stage, leading to pre-trial procedures and the trial phase, iRunway provides comprehensive and accurate technology analysis and research support across the entire litigation lifecycle. We understand that claim charts and documents don't win lawsuits - critical evidence does. Our technology experts help unearth the best evidence - early in the process - for you and your testifying experts to use at every stage of litigation. With deep understanding of the US litigation process, our technology experts work with your attorneys on the ground, where and when you need them, and most importantly - help you win.

Analysis Services Across the Litigation Lifecycle
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  • Help lawyers assess strengths & weakness of a case
  • Target scouting, infringement analysis, analysis of file-wrapper & early validity analysis
  • Explore damages claim - Lost Profits, Reasonable Royalty, Price Erosion

Our analysis services provide you with technical insights that help you strengthen your infringement or non-infringement/ invalidity contentions:

Improving Litigation Outcomes - Doing What Matters!

iRunway goes beyond traditional methods of litigation analysis and support and introduces innovative techniques to help its clients:

  • See the bigger picture of litigation and translate the technical components of litigation into a language lawyers understand
  • Compile claim charts that are court ready
  • Help lawyers formulate infringement/ non-infringement theories
  • Understand what works and what doesn't, and identify alternate theories that strengthen the case
  • Identify what’s missing and highlight the client’s strengths by excavating critical prior-art
  • Avoid being myopic and establish patterns/ links between technical evidence and the theory