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Case Evaluation & Pre-litigation Analysis

Patent litigations are expensive, time consuming and often, risky. We can help evaluate the strength and weakness of your case, determine the likelihood of infringement (unearth preliminary evidence) and provide an initial estimate of potential damages. Please refer to our patent valuation and damages analysis offering for more information. An assessment of these lead indicators would help you take a fact-based decision on whether or not to pursue a patent infringement matter.

We understand that due-diligence needs are different and one solution cannot fit them all. Our research and analysis services are customized to provide the best technical insights aligned to your needs and budget. We can further customize the research best suited to your need.

Activities Prelim Analysis Intermediate Analysis Detailed Analysis
Phase 1
Patent Study
Basic patent analysis(without file wrapper)
High level file wrapper analysis
Key feature analysis
Phase 2
Target Scouting
Preliminary target scouting
Detailed target scouting & product search
Phase 3
Validity Analysis
Basic related art analysis
Validity analysis
Phase 4
Analyzing Infringement
Primary evidence for each high relevance product
One high level claim-chart
Phase 5
Rule 11 PICs
Extensive evidence research
Charting of Rule 11 PICs